Skin Care Services

Get Sensational Skin

At the Marc Anthony Salon, we know the difference expert skin care can make. Our licensed estheticians can provide you with knowledge and insights you won’t find anywhere else and give you a personalized consultation that goes far beneath the surface of your skin. Our skin analyses involve texture, complexion, skin tone, smoothness, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and so much more. We’ll give you ways to enhance and improve your complexion and give you the amazing skin you deserve.


Our superior skin care services include:

European Facial

60 minutes - $125 +

Vitamin C Facial

90 minutes - $140 +

Collagen Facial

90 minutes - $145 +

RosaceaTreatment Facial

90 minutes - $135 +

Glycolic Facial

90 minutes - $145 +

Glycolic Acid Treatment (Dermaplan)

30 minutes - $90 +

Express Facial

30 minutes - $70 +
Relax & Lift Facial Massage30 minutes - $65 +

Teen Acne Facial

60 minutes - $95 +

Back Treatment

60 minutes - $75 +

Deep Cleansing Facial (Men’s)

70 minutes - $120 +

Extraction Cleansing

30 minutes - $50 +


Clotilde Duque, Licensed Esthetician

Clotilde Duque started her journey as a skin care & depilatory wax specialist while studying throughout Europe. While being skilled in European facial techniques and advanced facial treatments, she has perfected her craft through her dedication and passion in her work.


Decleor Paris is the product line she practices under. Their products and treatments are inspired by a rare combination of essential oils and the concentrate of natural active ingredients. These rituals provide effectiveness that heightens an exquisite sensation of well-being. It is essential skincare for natural youthfulness.


So now, we suppose the question is not “why would I get skin care treatments from the Marc Anthony Salon?” but “how do I make my appointment to get immaculate skin right now?!”

If you want more information, or when you’re ready for truly glowing skin, contact the Marc Anthony Salon to schedule your next visit at 973-377-9306